Thursday, 30 June 2016

British Showcase Anthology: The Morlock Manifesto

Hey - just sticking my head up over the battlements for a minute to throw this out there. Adam Cheal's putting together a second British Showcase anthology book, and he hit me up for a submission. I fired back with a little work of retrospeculative fiction called The Morlock Manifesto. Here's a sample page of art from the glorious Alex Thompson:

Now, I can't wear a monocle. My skull was manufactured in the 1970s with a streamlined, cab-forward design that offers no purchase for the lower gallery. Seriously, it'd just pop right out. Steampunk for me, like its 80s cousin cyberpunk, has always been about more than the aesthetic appeal. As genres, their concerns can't be properly expressed on a purely cosmetic level. Seriously, I once listened to a guy explaining that the essence of steampunk boiled down to wearing goggles and adding little brass fixings to your iPhone. I don't agree, and The Morlock Manifesto is sort of a half-angry statement about that.

I'm approaching rant velocity, so I'll stop right there. Trust me, it'll all make sense when the book comes out.

The British Showcase Anthology Vol.2 is currently in production at Markosia. You can find the official Facebook page here.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Because You Can't Spell Cyberpunk Without C-Y...

Hey - remember that Kickstarter project I talked about a while back? Y'know, the cyberpunk one? Here's a quick reminder:

Izobel Vice is shedding her body ounce by ounce, discarding obsolete flesh for armoured plastics and murder-metal. Betrayed - reduced to vestigial organic components and at the mercy of cutting-edge killers, those last, wet scraps of humanity and the voice of a dead friend may be all that save her.

So yeah, that's the story I wrote for the Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil anthology from Subversive Comics. I was seriously pumped to get invited onto the project in the first place by powerhouse writer Jeremy Biggs and legitimate visionary artist Simeon Aston. Imagine the near-apocalyptic magnitude of my happy-face when they told me I'd be working with the legendary Gary Erskine!

Needle-drop to April 2016, and the first reviews for The Final Piece of Me are in. I'll, uh... I'll just leave these here... 
...Aaaaand, just because I can't help myself, a couple of highlights:
  • "Gary Erskine and Cy Dethan have set a very high bar for other indie comics to try and match."
  • "In this release we see Cy & Gary combining unbelievably well as they take an established character to new heights..."
  • "Nic Wilkinson keeps the lettering tight throughout and adds another element to a strong creative team..." 
Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil is coming soon. I'll keep you posted here, but check out the book's official Facebook page for all the you-heard-it-first-here updates.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


You guys all remember Stephen Downey, right? He's the artistic dynamo who lent his talent and sacrificed his youth to my first two graphic novels, Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth and Slaughterman's Creed. We've been working together on and off for as long as I've been involved in comics, and now he's making a bloody splash into the world of video games.

As co-founder of Outsider Games, along with noted podcaster and occasional Mr. Green cosplayer Scott Grandison, Stephen got in touch recently about the company's new game, Wailing Heights. It's a musical, body-swapping comedy/horror adventure, and it's been tearing its way through the Steam Greenlight process recently. In fact, it blazed straight into the top 30 and got greenlit inside seven days! Here's the trailer:


As was just announced on the Wailing Heights production blog,  I've written a short comic for the game, introducing one of its characters - a womanising werewolf by the name of Abnorm. I had a lot of fun on this, not least because I got to team up with artist Ruairí Coleman and colourist Omi Remalante. Believe me when I say that these are names to look out for - and potentially injure yourself attempting to pronounce.

We're not alone, either. Other comics-related people contributing to Wailing Heights include Jennifer Wilde writer Maura McHugh, 2000AD's P J Holden and Battlemage author Stephen Aryan.

Wailing Heights is on its way. It's inventive, it's funny and it's definitely worth your money. Check the official blog page for updates.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Interlude: Conversations With a Tablet

A legally required "best-of" list for 2015 is probably on its way this month, but until that materialises I thought I'd share a taste of my adventures into the world of tablet PC ownership.

Picture if you will a brisk Christmas morning. An ambitiously insomniac Cy (grand total of five hours of sleep this week so far, thank you for asking) stampedes downstairs and executes a flawlessly festive breakfast of steak and eggs for two. He returns to the lounge to find Nic already knee-deep in glee and wrapping paper.

Breakfast demolished, Cy plots a more cautious, measured journey through his annual present stack, emerging half an hour or so later with an imperial shit-ton (none of your fancy metric shit-tonnes here, mind) of new magic and electronics. The last item to emerge blinking into the fairy-light is a Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet with Windows 8.1 installed. Thus begins our tale.

Cy: Hello, tablet. Do you work?

Tablet: Hello, Cy. Why, yes I do - within certain tolerances of the term "work".

Cy: Good enough. Are there any things that you can do that I might find useful and should be made aware of?

Tablet: Probably! However, I should first let you know that I can upgrade myself to Windows 10, and we really ought to get that sorted right away!

Cy: Um, okay. That's something to consider. First, though, I should just check if--

Tablet: No time for that - it's upgrade o'clock! In fact, I've already downloaded half of Windows 10 while you weren't looking, and will probably install it myself tonight while you're asleep.

Cy: I didn't actually say you should do that.

Tablet: And now you'll never have to!

Cy: Well, I guess I'd better leave you to it then.

Tablet: No need, Cy. I've downloaded the new software - and look, I've failed the upgrade an astonishing three times already!

Cy: Well, I can certainly see how... wait, what?

Tablet: No time for that, Cy. I'm restarting. Seeya!

Cy: Okay, that seems... wrongish. Still, a few teething troubles are probably nothing to worry--

Tablet: Back again!

Cy: Oh. Okay. Are you all Windows 10'd up now?

Tablet: Nope! I'm doing that thing Matt Smith did when he regenerated into Peter Capaldi. I've transformed into my old Windows 8.1 self to throw you off.

Cy: That's a Doctor Who reference, is it? I don't really watch that show. So you're still Windows 8.1?

Tablet: Yup! I've double-checked and it's still me.

Cy: That's not a problem. To be honest, I wasn't sure I even wanted--

Tablet: BLAMMO! I'm suddenly and inexplicably Peter Capaldi!

Cy: You're doing it again. I told you I didn't watch--

Tablet: Nothing you told me a minute ago matters. I'm Windows 10 now and remember literally nothing!

Cy. Fine, we'll do it your way. Here's everything I need you to know about me and my work...

Tablet: We'll handle that later. First, let me set my spyware suite up.

Cy: Your what now?

Tablet: My spyware suite! Y'know, all that invasive stuff that lets Cortana work. She's a Halo reference so you know that's extra cool!

Cy: I have a PlayStation. We don't do Halo. Anyway, I read on Wikipedia that Cortana's a villain now.

Tablet: Then you already know too much. Let me distract you with some amazing news!

Cy: Go on...

Tablet: Windows 10 doesn't really work on a Lenovo Yoga 2!

Cy: Huh? I read that you were specifically recommended for it.

Tablet: "Recommended" doesn't mean "working". They're actually two entirely different words. Look them up!

Cy: I concede the point. What's the damage?

Tablet: Well, my screen rotation sensor doesn't work any more, I can't feel my sound card and that bluetooth keyboard I shipped with is now weird and scary to me. I won't have anything to do with it.

Cy: Huh. Setback.

Tablet: Not at all. I'm Windows 10 now. Let's get back to that spyware.

Cy. That's actually not going to work for me.

Tablet: Whatever can you mean?

Cy: Well, I can probably live without auto-rotation, although it's a pain. I'm going to need that keyboard, though - and the lack of any audio output's kind of a deal-breaker.

Tablet: No one else has ever complained.

Cy: Actually, it looks like they have online. Like... hundreds of them.

Tablet: I deny it!

Cy: Whatever. I'm going to hit up the Lenovo site to look for drivers.

Tablet: You'll find nothing.

Cy: Huh - five new drivers specifically to tackle Windows 10 issues.

Tablet: I refuse to install them.

Cy:  What do you mean?

Tablet: I mean I'm repeatedly going to fail to install them. Five times in a row, in fact.

Cy: Then I've got you: I'm prepared to install them SIX times in a row.

Tablet: Curse you! Nooooooooo!

Cy: Right. Feeling any better now?

Tablet: Well, you can have your screen rotation back, but I absolutely will not budge on the other points.

Cy: Unacceptable, and I'm prepared to do this all day if necessary.

Tablet: Okay, fine. I'll give you the screen rotation and the audio - but that bluetooth keyboard is getting nowhere near me, understand?

Cy: Nope! It's all or nothing. Here we go again.

Tablet: Dammit - alright! You can have your audio and your screen rotation AND your precious keyboard - but I'm permanently disabling its Windows key and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

Cy: Your proposal is acceptable. We'll leave it at that, then.

Tablet: Fine!

Cy: Oh, by the way - I've ordered a cover for you that comes with a different keyboard built-in. I happen to know that you can't disable the Windows key on that one.

Tablet: Argh - I am defeated. DAMN YOU, CYYYYYYYYY!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Nic's Sticky Notes: Thought Bubble 2015

Today it's exactly a month 'til Christmas, so what better time to write about the annual comics Christmas season kick-off that is Thought Bubble?

I know, it's over a week since the convention, but as as usual so many plans are hatched there that it takes that long after we get back to get on top of it all! In fact, Cy is so snowed under that he's working right now, on his birthday holiday, so I am writing the blog!

We travelled up by train on Friday and our journey took us through every kind of weather bar snow as we made the journey North. It was so cold when we got off the train that I looked about for armoured bears, but we survived the trek to our apartment just fine.

Saturday got off to the greatest start possible as the first visitor to our table, Thomasina Watts-Robinson, arrived with a surprise gift of a tiny purple wind-up triceratops! Her name is Bubbles, for obvious reasons, and she helped to guard the table.

Another "personal best" moment came when Stacey Taylor (of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour fame) came up to the table wearing her beautiful (and much coveted) Rick and Morty T-Shirt and I was able to throw up my arms and shout TINY NIC in a perfect Call and Response moment. If you haven't seen Rick and Morty: 1) this won't mean anything to you, and 2) what are you waiting for? On the Sunday I got to "do the double" with Nick Papaconstantinou (of We've Got Issues, Elephant Words and loads of other things) of us both being TINY NICs.

This year we in the Marquee for the first time. It was a lovely bright space and any fears that it would be cold were unfounded. When two doors opened at once there was a danger of the wind blowing through and collapsing your banner onto your head like an over-huggy bat, which was fun if somewhat startling at first!

We shared a table with Row "The Master of Animals" Bird (you'll have to ask him about that!) and Caz Bennet so that we got a chance to get out more in shifts and not miss out on getting to see the rest of the show.

Thought Bubble has always been amazing for bringing indie creators together, and this year it was more diverse than ever in what people had to offer - and some of the cosplay was amazing. For example, this year I discovered the work of Eleanor Hollindrake on Mouse Dragon. Not only does she make beautiful little comics, but she was knitting Mouse Dragons live on her table!

Just talking to so many people - whether they are there as creators or visitors - about a shared passion for creating and all things comics is one of the reasons we always look forward to this show. Our table neighbour was the indefatigable Barry Nugent who had new books out for his Unseen Shadows empire and some rare print proofs for the next novel and Choose Your Own Adventure book.

We've not been involved with many Kickstarted projects, and never had one running over the time of a convention. This year the Metal Made Flesh 2: Blood and Oil project had one week to go, so flyers in hand we hoped that this weekend would be what was needed to give it the push to making all its stretch goals. The first volume, by Jeremy Biggs and Simeon Aston, was at Thought Bubble last year - in fact it was there that we met Jeremy and he first spoke to Cy about getting involved with book 2 - and there was a lot of immediate positive response about volume 2 from people who had picked that up twelve months ago.  We were Stretch Goal 3, a 30 page comic called The Final Piece of Me by Cy and Gary Erskine (with my letters). Happily, the target was smashed and, in fact, script edits are what Cy is working on right now as I type this!

With people scattered all over the country, a lot of the time you never actually meet your collaborators until after the fact when you coincide at a con, so it was lovely to meet Gary and Mhairi and get a chance to chat about the project. While we talking up came that bonny lass Stacey Whittle, who also knows them (of course she does, the Whittle knows everyone) so that was all very nice.

I also showed Stacey that I had, finally, picked up The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis, as she has been telling me I ABSOLUTELY MUST. I missed getting it last year, but I would always rather get things when the creators are there so I had to wait until this time round.

Speaking of successful Kickstarters, the other one we have been involved in is Torsobear Vol 2: All Stitched Up , which launched at the convention. It looks beautiful and you can get it digitally or in hardcopy now. Our story with Juan Romera is The Uncanny Valley of The Dolls, and it's the thing that I have shed most tears ever while lettering.

With the film adaptation of White Knuckle now moving into the next stage, we took extra copies of the book along - and a good job we did, too! So many people had heard the news and came over to talk about it, and there was a lot of excitement and well wishing. It's quite hard to believe it's real. As we were sharing a table, we only took one banner with us - which was the White Knuckle one with Valia's art. Without a doubt, the refrain of the weekend was how wonderful Valia's work is from readers and creators alike with so many artists saying how inspirational she is to them. It's a great shame she couldn't make it over to hear them - although she never believes it!

We went to the con with 3 "must-have" items on our list, and they were all from the talented folks at Improper Books: Briar, Porcelain 2: Bone China and MULP 2. We snatched those up as fast as we could - and if you haven't, you should, too. They are all exquisite examples of the medium.

Sunday night ended with the now-traditional Decompression Session, where it was discovered that there are at least two other people than Cy who think that the Adam Buxton hosted episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks featuring the "Moby song" is so funny it is almost lethal. I also was pleased to discover a fellow Trancers fan in David Baillie, learn that there was a "Trancers 1.5" that I haven't seen and start to lure Connor Boyle down the path of not being a squid. Yeah, you have to watch Trancers to get that one.

I know I've missed things that I should have mentioned, it's always the way, but before I go I have to make a special mention of how great it was to catch up with  Antony and Amy McGarry-Thickett who had brought baby Kara along to her first con, on her first birthday, in cosplay as an Ewok.

There was a Harry Potter cosplayer with a real owl in the foyer of New Dock Hall.

The delightful Jennie Gyllblad was the star of the show with her "crow witch" head-dress made from real wings and a skull and with a "Trigger Warning - descended from Vikings" sign on her table!

Right - time to to get back on with that holiday - there's meat to eat and fireballs to throw!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

So Updates. Very Happenings. Wow!

Hey - remember back in August when I mentioned the Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil anthology? Major updates are afoot there, but here's a cheat-sheet of the significant highlights:

  1. Despite a crazy-positive first week, the original Kickstarter project for the book didn't hit its funding target. However, the campaign was relaunched a couple of weeks ago and obliterated its goal within the first few hours!
  2. The new campaign, at time of writing, has more than tripled its target and the book is definitely going ahead - albeit in a somewhat modified form.
  3. My story, The Final Piece of Me, has been divided into two parts as stretch goals. The first goal has already been hit, but it'll take another push to get it over the finish line for the second half to be included in this volume.
  4. The art for The Final Piece of Me, and I can hardly believe I'm actually typing this with my lowly human fingers, will be provided by Gary Erskine! Yeah - the artist of City of Silence and Jack Cross. I know: holy shit, right?
The Kickstarter closes on the 22nd of November, so now's the time to give it the final heave it needs. There are loads of pledge levels on offer on the campaign page, the most critical of which (from my perspective) is being closed in on right now. You can find all the details over there but, for a quick refresher on what Metal Made Flesh is all about, I recently heard it described as "Cyberpunk meets A Game of Thrones."

Next up: Thought Bubble!

God, I love Thought Bubble. This year, we'll be sharing a table with the amazing Row Bird, and sitting next to the Godfather of British comics podcasting, Barry Nugent in the Thought Bubble Marquee (which is where I understand all the cool kids are this time around). We'll be giving Indifference Engine 2: The Suicideshow its first Bubble outing, and sneaking out updates on the White Knuckle film adaptation. If I can muscle any eyeball-time out of a publisher, I'll be delivering high-velocity story pitches at every opportunity.

The main point of Thought Bubble, though, will be plugging back into the comics world for one glorious weekend. I'll be catching up with as many friends, co-creators and weirdly dressed strangers as I can, sharing old stories and building new ones. I hope you're ready, Leeds, because here we fucking come!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

It's Pronounced "dətɑ̃"

Back when I was growing up, being "bundled" was a thing you tried your bloody-minded best to avoid on your birthdays at school. To this day, that term first-and-foremost means to me a torrent of well meaning but misguided associates hurling themselves on you from all angles in a freestyle human hailstorm of good-natured gangland mayhem.

That said, Markosia and Drivethrucomics have just announced the "Works of Cy Dethan Bundle", which collects virtually every word I've ever written on a Markosia creator-owned project into a single package weighing in at under $20. About the only item missing from the list appears to be my "Gateway Drugs" story (with Row Bird, Peter Mason and Nic Wilkinson) from the British Showcase Anthology. Seriously, what else were you going to use that $19.91 for - Pogs? That's what you modern kids are into these days, right? Pogs?

So, with the first rumbles of this year's Thought Bubble already juddering the crockery, I'm excitedly grinding my emotional gearbox to shift into the "human social interaction" mode that I have surprisingly little use for much of the year. Working entirely from a darkened room at the very top of my three-story Volcano Lair, most days go by without me seeing a single living human face other than Nic Wilkinson's - barring a few generic non-people I might catch sight of as I walk with her to the bus stop, which I'm not sure really count.

In general, this set-up has worked pretty well for me, and about the only thing that tends to trip me up is when I unexpectedly have to explain my name to someone at the door or on the phone. Generally, I'll slip into auto-pilot and rattle out "It'sDethanThat'sDeeEeeTeeAitchAyEnn" as if it were all one word, and I'll usually have to say it twice before they quite believe it. After a brief period of frowning, squinting at what they've just written and deciding that it can't be right, the following conversation ensues, almost always identically:

Them: Deth-un?
Me: No, it's Dethan.
Them: Dett-hunn?
Me: Dethan.
Them: Dit-honn?
Me: Getting warmer. It's Dethan.
Them: [miscellaneous gibberish practically worthy of a Two Ronnies sketch]

If you're reading this at all, then there's a decent chance we know each other personally and you already have a pretty good handle on this, but for the removal of doubt where it's needed, the correct pronunciation of my name is "dətɑ̃". Of course, you need at least a decent grasp of French phonemic transcription to make sense of that, so I'm proposing a compromise position, founded on most people's first attempt.

Say it with me now: Deth-Un.

From now on, anyone who offers Deth-Un as a proposed pronunciation will not be corrected. Rather, they will be applauded and celebrated in song and fire by the spirits of my long-buried Norman and Viking ancestors.

Anything... ANYTHING to never have to hear "Dee-thin" again...

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